Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to help us improve your user experience. Google Analytics collects various data to tell us how you’re using this website. By using you are giving us (and Google) consent to access and store this data.

We will never share the personal information we collect, but Google might — through their various other platforms. You can learn more about this on Google’s own privacy policy.


In order to improve user experience, Google temporarily places tiny text files on your computer, to log how you use this website. These tiny text files are known as Cookies, and they track basic information, such as IP address, of the visitor.

Because most of these Cookies are about as harmless as a fruit fly, nearly all browsers accept them by default. If you still wish to reject these tiny harmless Cookies, you may do so. Use Google to find out how. But by rejecting Cookies from this website, you may disable some of its function, and potentially ruin your user experience.

Personally Identifiable Information

As mentioned above, we will NEVER share your personal identifiable data — such as name, email or even billing address — with other third parties, that we have control over.

Effective Date

Effective May 10, 2019. Please refer to this privacy policy for material updates and changes to our policy.