RPE Calculator for RTS (Reactive Training System)

This calculator should be used as a rough guide to gauge what kind of weights you will be lifting today. It’s based off of Mike Tuchscherer’s RPE chart. If you’re unfamiliar with RTS check out this link.

The calculator is very simple to use. Enter a weight that you just lifted in the 1-8 rep range at roughly a max effort. So if you reach 315 for a 5 rep max, enter 315 in the input below and select the 5 from the radio buttons. You will be given your 1RM for the day, as well as the weight you should use for doubles, triples, etc.

Do not stick to this calculator religiously, use it as a guide. If you feel like doing triples at 330 is too light, increase the weight (and vice versa if it feels heavy).


Enter Today's RM Below

  lbs. or kg    
Today's VOLUME Work Options
1RM x5 @9-10RPE x4 @9-10RPE x3 @8-9RPE x2 @8-9RPE
Today's VOLUME Speed Work Options
  x2 @7-8RPE x2 @9-10RPE
Today's INTENSITY Work Options
  x3 @9-10RPE x2 @9-10RPE x1 @8-10RPE x1 @9-10 RPE